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Practical Green Engineering

Every Kohler and Lewis project is “practical green.” Roy has been doing “green” designs since 1979, but many of the early ones became too complex in pursuit of every convenience and every saved Btu. Complexity isn’t just about initial cost, but about long term cost and performance. As equipment wears out maintenance time and effort become unsustainable, and the lifecycle of the system is dramatically reduced. Now, we thoroughly understand the “green” methodologies but we aggressively temper them with four decades of practicality. We always design by keeping in mind who will be keeping the systems running smoothly in twenty – or even 50 years.

Types of projects we have completed include: Athletic Facilities, Biomass Heating Plants, Certified Green Buildings, Colleges, Commercial Office Buildings, Heat Pump Projects, Historic Preservation, Libraries, Mechanical Needs Assessments, Multifamily Housing, Municipal Buildings, Schools, and Visitors Centers.

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What We Do

Mechanical Engineering for New and Renovated Commercial Buildings

We design safe, efficient, and durable plumbing systems that provide timely hot water and reliable operation for years.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is vital for occupant health and cognitive function. We appreciate the energy savings of Energy Recovery Ventilators, and also know when not to use them.

Heating and Air Conditioning: We strive to balance occupant comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and simplicity in our mechanical system designs, and, above all, design for maintainability over decades of service.

Controls: As a former control system engineer (the co-creator of original McQuay Microtech controls, Roy provides the most detailed and respected Direct Digital Controls (DDC) designs in New England.

Mechanical Assessments and Owner Support

We have extensive experience evaluating existing mechanical systems and helping Owners understand their options for optimizing, expanding, or replacing their equipment.

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