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The Debevoise Hall Project involves an addition and renovations to an 1893-1911 era historic schoolhouse, preserving the 1893 era 1st floor classroom spaces and renovating the remainder for new offices, conference rooms and campus gathering space. The 4-story building is wood-framed with new steel reinforcing, of approximately 28,000 gross square feet. It is located at the heart of the campus, with an internal cross axis hallway connecting it to other campus buildings.  The walls were insulated to an R-value of 18.8 with dense pack cellulose and the roof was insulated to R-43. Windows were replaced with high performance units.

The offices are heated and cooled by a two-pipe fan coil system: The fan coils are oversized to operate as convectors in the heating mode whenever possible, minimizing fan noise and energy consumption. Offices are ventilated by an 80% efficient enthalpy wheel ERU. Classrooms are heated by perimeter radiation and cooled and ventilated by 80% efficient enthalpy ERU-AH units with economizer and CO ventilation.

The renovated Vermont Law School Debevoise Hall Building (Design Energy cost, DEC) performs 46.4% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2001 requirements using the Energy Cost Budget (ECB) methodology.  This earns 8 LEED points. Savings in oil consumption accounted for 56% of the total savings, while the reduction in electric consumption accounted for the remaining 44%.