Marlboro College employs a "cutting edge" heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that minimizes energy use while providing a healthy and comfortable environment.

Heating is provided by Runtal Radiators located under the windows that provide the comfort of both radiant and convective heating. Buderus oil-fired boilers, rated at 87% efficiency, supply the hydronic system. High efficiency pumps with variable speed drives and automatic self-balance valves minimize hydronic system pumping costs.

The heart of the system is the Change/Air Enthalpy Recovery Ventilation Units. These freestanding units, located in each large room, supply fresh air and exhaust stale air though an air enthalpy recovery core. These wheels recover sensible heat and moisture, from the exhaust air to preheat the ventilation air and to maintain healthful humidity levels in the building. The units have economizer capability for "free cooling" and two-pipe heating and future cooling coils to provide future mechanical cooling.

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