Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield, NH is kicking the oil habit with a new wood chip fired district heating system.  A new wood chip boiler system by Messersmith employs two chip-fired Hurst boilers: a 4 million Btu/hr unit and an 8 million Btu/hr unit. This will allow good load matching in the spring and the fall. The system will also run in the summer to power the absorption chiller and provide domestic hot water needs.

A district heating system connects the main buildings on the campus with about a mile of underground piping. Piping is 8" Perma pipe welded steel pipe with 3" polyurethane insulated and HDPE Jacket. All buildings on campus will eventually be connected to the chip plant.

In the summer the system heats domestic water for the campus and the landing, heats two pools, and operates a 100 ton absorption chiller.

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photographs courtesy of Ray Sebold
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